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Chassis Basic Information
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Suspension is an important part of the chassis.

As vehicles have evolved over the years, different types of suspensions have been developed that combine various aspects of strength, packaging, cost, ride quality and control. In the earliest days, most cars and truck had simple solid axle front suspensions. Then came independent suspensions which provided a big improvement in ride quality and handling because each wheel could react independently to changes in the road without affecting the chassisother. Solid axles were retained on trucks where strength was more important than comfort, and where heavier overall vehicle weight reduced the cross-wheel effects of the rigid axle. In the 1970s, MacPherson strut suspensions began to appear on many small cars (primarily imports). Today, the MacPherson strut is the predominant suspension on most front-wheel drive cars and minivans because of its reduced complexity and packaging advantages. Variations on the basic solid axle, independent and strut suspensions have been introduced over the years, so we'll briefly review each type.

Other parts of the chassis include: ball joints, idler arm, rack & pinion steering, springs, bushings, power steering, shocks steering linkage and sway bar.

Information contained in this website is for reference purposes and gives a general outline of the different parts and functions of the chassis. Please see your mechanic or service provider for follow up work on your vehicle.

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